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Make this festive season your healthiest yet, with these simple tips.



With a busy social calendar and a myriad of festive functions approaching, it’s important to make an effort keep your body adequately hydrated.  Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes your body to remove fluids from your blood at a quicker rate than other beverages – so if you don’t drink enough water, particularly when consuming alcohol, you may find yourself dehydrated.

Of course, water is also important for maintaining overall good health – and particularly the health of your digestive system. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how much water you should drink each day. A good indicator of whether you’re adequately hydrated is the colour of your urine – it should be a pale yellow or straw colour. Any darker than this and you can take this as a sign from your body that your water intake could be higher.

This festive season, make sure you drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.



It can be tempting to throw caution to the wind at this time of year, and let long-held exercise regimes slide with the intention of picking them up in the new year. Same too, goes for healthy, balanced eating. Of course, this festive time only comes around once a year, so it should be enjoyed – within moderation. Do your best to stick to your usual diet and exercise regimes as much as possible. This will help keep you happy, healthy and will keep the unnecessary kilo creep of the season at bay.



Allowing yourself adequate downtime is crucial, even when your calendar is jam-packed with social events. Getting adequate, good quality sleep allows your body to repair and reset – and is critical for the functioning of every system in the body. Carve out enough time to catch some zzz’s and you’ll feel much better for it.


Smart Snacking

Whether you’re entertaining at home, or out and about – smart snacking can make the world of difference when it comes to your health (and waistline). Do your best to choose wholegrain options where possible – think grainy crackers and breads, lean proteins and a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Do your best to be ahead of the game too; if you know that the event you’re attending will only serve canapes, be prepared. Before you head out, why not have some eggs on wholegrain toast to keep you satisfied? A little preparation will save you making poor food choices later down the track.


With a few simple steps, a happy, healthy festive season awaits!


Intended as general advice only. Consult your health care provider to discuss any specific concerns.

Intended as general advice only. Consult your health care professional to discuss any specific concerns.

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