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Our guide to a gut-loving lunch will have you fuelled through your afternoon and well into dinner time. Whether it’s for school, for work, or perhaps you’re still working from home – it’s never been easier (or tastier) to enjoy a healthy, nourishing lunch packed with the prebiotic power of BARLEYMAX® wholegrain.


Step 1: Select Your Slice

Whether you’re a flat bread fan, or prefer traditional sliced loaf bread for lunch, there’s a BARLEYMAX® bread that’s just for you. Packed with a unique combination of prebiotic fibre to support the good bacteria in your gut, BARLEYMAX® is now included in a wide range of loaf and flat breads that are available on Australian & New Zealand supermarket shelves.

You might like to try the Helga’s Digestive Wellbeing range, that includes three loaf breads (Barley White, Barley Wholemeal & Barley Seeds & Grains) and two fantastic flat breads (Barley Wholemeal & Barley Seeds & Grains). You can learn more about the Helga’s Digestive Wellbeing range here.

Another brilliant bread powered by BARLEYMAX® is the Simson’s Pantry Whole Grain Super Barley wraps. Stocked at Coles & Woolworths across Australia, this delicious wrap contains 20% of your daily fibre needs, making it a fantastic, fast & easy lunch choice.

You can also show your heart some love at lunchtime, with the Heart Wholemeal bread from Alpine. Containing BARLEYMAX® at a level that provides 1g of beta-glucan per serve and baked in Benalla, protecting your heart has never been easier or tastier.

Finally, if you’re a sourdough fan (and really, who isn’t these days), then the Edwards Sourdough BARLEYMAX® range is for you. From the Organic 7 Grain Sourdough to the Organic Spelt Wholemeal Grain Sourdough and the Fermented Sprouted Rye Sourdough, these breads offer a flavour sensation, as well as the gut-loving benefits of BARLEYMAX®.


Step 2: Power Up With Protein

Bread – chosen. Now it’s time to layer in all the good stuff, to add colour to your carbohydrate canvas. Protein is an important element to include when you’re levelling up your lunch. A lunch that is rich in protein will power you through your day, keeping your energy levels steady (so that you don’t experience the dreaded three-thirty-itis energy dip). An adequate serve of protein at lunch will also help keep you feeling full, avoiding the urge to visit the office biscuit tin. 20-30g of protein at lunchtime is a great benchmark to set. What are some protein rich foods that you might like to include in your sandwich, you ask? Our team loves tuna, hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, tofu and cottage cheese.


Step 3: Vivacious Vegetables

By now your lunch is looking pretty good – with just one final ingredient required – the rainbow. Yep, when it comes to vegetables, we should be aiming to eat the rainbow each day, so that we’re consuming a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Layer up your lunch with as many veggies as you like – think lettuce, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, tomato, perhaps even some radishes or jalapenos for a little flavour kick. The only limit is your imagination.


Pro Tip: Preparation is Key

Whilst levelling up your lunch sounds easy; we know that life can get busy. Sometimes, 10am becomes 2pm in the blink of an eye, and overwhelming hunger can have you reaching for less-than-optimal lunch choices (hot chips, we’re looking at you). Preparing your lunch the night before will mean that there’s no manic morning panic, and that as soon as hunger strikes, you’ll be ready with the goods. Both your body – and your wallet – will thank you for it!


Intended as general advice only. Consult your health care professional to discuss any specific concerns.

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