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In a world where consumers are able to Google search any and every ingredient in the products they consume daily, food manufacturers are under new pressure to maintain market share. One of the most successful strategies for staying ahead of consumer demands has been by including superfoods in their products.

Goodness Superfoods is a food manufacturer who is leading the pack, incorporating CSIRO developed grain BARLEYMAX® into their line of products.

BARLEYMAX® contains double the amount of fibre, four times the amount of resistant starch of a regular grain, and is 100% GMO free. Developed over the last decade by the CSIRO and grown in Australia, consumers are finding this grain a simple and effective way to include more fibre in their diet.

The health food industry in Australia is one that is rapidly growing in a number of areas, and more than ever, the voice of the consumer is being heard. Many consumers are well versed in their food knowledge and are well aware of the ways that some brands try to trick shoppers with ‘miracle’ ingredients.

Group Manager of Product Development at Popina Foods, Dr Lakshmi Iyer says BARLEYMAX® has given Popina Foods a unique competitive advantage with our Goodness Superfood range and helped us develop a non-gimmick functional food, with a point of difference from our competitors”.

A study by the Australian Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council showed that around 75 per cent of Australians do not regularly get the recommended three serves of wholegrains per day. To help with this, Goodness Superfoods has developed a number of recipes to increase individual intake of wholegrains in simple, and easy ways that leverage the goodness of BARLEYMAX®. These recipes include wraps, biscuits and snacks.

Many other food manufacturers have included BARLEYMAX® in their products, including Sunrice, Plus Nutriton and Bodhi Bakehouse. Watch this space as other brands are in various stages of development to include BARLEYMAX® as a superfood ingredient with further announcements expected soon.

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