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We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how do we build the breakfast that best provides the fuel we need to power through the day?

Here’s our breakfast blueprint.

Foundation #1: Great grains

Including wholegrains in your breakfast is a great way to ensure you’re incorporating these nutritional powerhouses into your day. High in fibre, essential vitamins and nutrients, think of wholegrains as the building blocks for your breakfast. Whether it’s bread or cereal that you’re working with, take the advice of the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council and ‘Look for the Wholegrain’. Choosing cereals and breads that contain grains in the ‘whole’ form ensures you’re getting maximum bang for your buck when it comes to nutritional value.

Foundation #2: Fresh is best

If you’re struggling to get through the recommended 5 veggies and 2 fruits per day, set yourself up for success by starting early. Be creative! Perhaps some days you top your cereal with fresh fruit. Other days can start with the millennial menu favourite, avocado on toast. If you’re having eggs (great choice!), then why not add a side of mushrooms for an extra plant-based protein and flavour hit. Variety is the spice of life, so keep it interesting and you’ll be bounding out of bed and to the breakfast table each morning.

Foundation #3: Lean protein

We’ve covered the goodness of grains and the benefits of fresh fruit and veg – but our breakfast bowl is definitely not complete yet! Lean protein is a critical element for building a breakfast that sets you up for a successful day. The most obvious benefit when it comes to incorporating protein into the first meal of your day is that it is filling. Additionally, as your body begins to break down protein into amino acids, it triggers the release of a hormone that serves to signal to your brain that you’ve eaten enough – helping to achieve a sense of satiety. Most importantly, a sense of satiety will keep you away from the biscuit tin at 10:30am.

So what are your choices when it comes to protein? Well you’re in luck, because there are actually a stack of brilliant breakfast options that are rich in protein.

If you’re looking for plant-based protein sources, tofu is a great place to start. Soft tofu can be scrambled I the same way that eggs can – seasoned with some paprika, salt and pepper and you’ll be on to a winner. Chickpeas and beans are also a great plant-based sources of protein – try them sauteed and added to a breakfast burrito. Finally, wholegrains such as BARLEYMAX® are great plant-based sources of protein. Look for the inclusion of BARLEYMAX® in a wide range of cereals and breads on Australian supermarket shelves.

Animal based sources of protein include eggs, a nutritional powerhouse that on average contain 13% protein. Cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt and lean meats are also a great source of protein that can be added to your breakfast in a myriad of ways.

So, tell us, how do you build a breakfast that keeps you powering through the day?


Intended as general advice only. Please consult your health care provider to discuss any specific concerns.

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Intended as general advice only. Consult your health care professional to discuss any specific concerns.

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